Researcher | Data Analyst

I’m a physicist with a PhD in bioinformatics from the Max Planck Research School in Computational Biology and Scientific Computing. I gather more than 15 years of experience working in interdisciplinary groups doing scientific modeling, data analysis and data management. I’ve managed large international projects on climate change and corporate accountability achieving impactful results. Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated a vast network of collaborators including scientists, media producers, technologists, artists and advocates for environmental rights.

My aim is to mobilize my skills, experience and networks to craft projects as effective forces of positive change, to combat climate change while promoting climate justice.



Modeling complex multi-dimensional real-world systems, I have developed algorithms incorporating time series analysis, complex networks, machine learning, computational topology, agent-based models, and Boolean models.

I have investigated the social, economic and environmental impacts of infrastructure mega-projects, trade agreements, regulatory mechanisms and governmental policies.

Data analysis

Some of the projects in which I have worked involved the analysis of large medical databases for the prediction of disease progression, or the extraction and analysis of financial and legal data for the development of cashflow models of extractive projects.

As data manager, I have developed and implemented the management plan for large scientific climate data bases containing geo-located data.

To analyze big data, I have done data mining and topological data analysis using advanced tools. Adapting to the needs of every job, I’ve also worked on various programming languages, including Bash, SQL, Java, Matlab, and R.

Project Management

To restructure operations and communications processes in fast-paced high-impact research institutions and organizations, I have mobilized by skills on team building, effective communication, conflict resolution and intercultural understanding. These skills, combined with my multilingual capacities, holistic thinking and natural leadership make me well-suited for projects that demand collaboration and problem-solving.

Crafting projects that foster positive change and promote climate justice, I find it crucial to understand the history, needs, priorities and elements of high symbolic value in the communities involved. I believe in the importance of reshaping the global growth-based economy while preserving peoples’ dignity and memory.